Top 10 Ideas For A Healthier Happier You

Top 10 Ideas For A Healthier Happier You

Top 10 Ideas For A Healthier Happier You

When it comes to being healthier, there is no time like the present. You won’t become the face of perfect health overnight, so why try to reinvent your life in a day? You won’t find radical changes in this article and you won’t be nagged to quit long term habits or to make life changing sacrifices. The tips presented in this article are very simple things you can do today to boost your physical health a little bit at a time. Incorporate these small but significant changes into your life will dramatically improve your health.

Reduce the amount of sugar you add to your tea or coffee. A balanced diet means everything in moderation. Ask yourself how many hot beverages you drink on a typical day and how many spoons of sugar you add to each drink. An average person could be putting 6-10 spoons of sugar into their body every day. So if you usually add two spoons of sugar, do yourself a favour today and half that to one.

Pour yourself a glass of water. Adequate hydration is the most important step to becoming healthier. Every single function of every single organ in your body relies on water. Therefore the most beneficial thing you can do today is to drink a little more water. Your body will absolutely thank you for it.

Many modern families eat their dinner in front of the TV. With your attention split between watching TV and eating, you are less able to control the speed with which you eat. As a result, you may rush and end up feeling bloated. Instead, sit at the table and focus on enjoying the taste of your meal. This will encourage you to eat your food slower and chew more thoroughly. In turn, your digestion will be greatly improved because it benefits from foods that have been completely broken down into soft, manageable chunks.

Don’t skip breakfast. With the usual morning rush, many people don’t have time for breakfast and just grab a cappuccino on their way to work. Caffeine can certainly help to stay alert and awake during the day. Fortunately, having breakfast can do this task equally well, if not better. Aim to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking for maximum benefit. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism, meaning that you will burn off calories faster. If you choose a low sugar, high fibre breakfast, you can enjoy greater and more sustainable energy throughout the day.

Eat a piece of fruit and add some vegetables to your dinner. Getting your 5 a day isn’t always easy, but we can at least try to get a few portions into our diet. Even an apple after lunch and some frozen peas with dinner will be far better than nothing.

Learning to breathe properly will boost your energy levels, calm your mind and assist your immune system. You don’t need to buy anything and you don’t even need to leave your desk. Focus on breathing deeply and evenly, trying to match the length of the exhales to the length of the inhales.

A general guideline is that we should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day for optimal health. The last time you exercised is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what has gone before. There is no time like the present to change. It doesn’t have to be a complicated series of cardio workouts; any activity is better than nothing. So go for a walk or a jog, dance around your living room, or play in the garden with your kids.

Posture is not just about looking good; it is very important in terms of promoting your body to function correctly. Good posture involves correctly positioning the ligaments and muscles in your back so that your spine is properly balanced. Bad posture causes your spine to put unnecessary pressure on your nervous system. To avoid a trip to the chiropractor, sit up straight!

If you spend most of you time indoors, go outside for 10 minutes today and breathe in the fresh air. This will promote healthy functioning of the lungs because fresh air encourages your lungs to dilate more fully, which allows more oxygen to enter. In turn, your energy levels will naturally increase.

Stretching your muscles is fantastic for your physical health and fitness. The loosening of muscles prepares them for activity and prevents injuries from occurring during exercise. If you often experience soreness and tension in your muscles after exercises, you will find that regular stretching for 5-10 minutes each day will help to eliminate these pains.

Arguably, these 10 suggestions for improving your physical health are not hugely inconvenient or overwhelming additions to your life. In fact, they are quite minor changes which produce comparatively large benefits. Do yourself a world of good and ensure that you practice at least a few of these healthy habits every day.