Water & Digestive Health

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Water & Digestive Health

Water Fluids are really important in maintaining digestive health. The digestive system uses up to 10 litres of fluid; most of this is secreted from the body, but some also comes from the food and drink we consume. The majority of this fluid is reabsorbed into our bodies.

To maintain healthy digestive functioning, we need to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day. You will know that you are getting enough water if your urine is pale and odourless. As insoluble fiber absorbs water, be aware that as you increase your fiber intake, you must also increase your water intake.

Pure, still water is optimal, but all hot and cold drinks can contribute as long as they do not make up the bulk of your water consumption. The exception is fruit and herbal teas; these are made entirely with hot water and are not compromised by sugar and milk.

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